Springer A Brief History of Blood and Lymphatic Vessels

This book provides a comprehensive account of vascular biology and pathology its significance for health disease. It systematically chronologically explains how we came to our current understanding of the vasculature it s function


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Pen and Sword History Tudor Victims of the Reformation

This book describes a selection of people caught up in the turmoil that presaged reformation a period of change instigated by a king whose desire a legitimate son was to brutally sweep aside an entire way of life. The most famous


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Springer Texts, Textual Acts and the History of Science

The book presents the outcomes of an innovative research programme in history of science and implements a Text Act Theory which extends Speech Theory, in order to illustrate a new approach to texts textual communicative acts. It examin


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NYU Press Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge in Second

Until very recently, the idea of ancient Jewish sciences would have been considered unacceptable. Since 1990s, Early Modern and Medieval Science in sources has actively studied, but consensus was that no real scientific themes cou


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Routledge Nursing History and the Politics of Welfare

A quiet revolution has been sweeping through the writing of nursing history over last decade, transforming it into a robust and reflective area of scholarship. Nursing History Politics of Welfare highlights significant con


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Springer Victor McKusick and the History of Medical Genetics

This book is being planned as a tribute to Dr. Victor A. McKusick (1921 2008), who is well known as the "father of medical genetics". He was long associated with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, first as a student in 1940s, and


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Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften The Yearbook

The main topic of the volume encompasses three areas of phenomenological research: person, subject, and organism. These topics interrelated in various ways. On one hand, question is Husserlian phenomenology of personhood


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Routledge Shakespeare's Tudor History: A Study of "Henry IV Parts 1 and

This title was first published in 2002: An intensive study of Shakespeare's most ambitious and complex achievement in the historical mode. The book offers an account of play's critical history from 1700 until 1980s, deals with aspects


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Bloomsbury Academic A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st

This new edition of a bestselling textbook is designed for students, scholars, and anyone interested in 20th century fashion history. Accessibly written well illustrated, the outlines social cultural of them


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Springer History and Measurement of the Base Derived Units

This book discusses how and why historical measurement units developed, reviews useful methods for making conversions as well as situations in which dimensional analysis can be used. It starts from the history of length measurement,


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