Springer Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment: A Study

The purpose of the present study is to life and work thought of a remarkable pioneering figure on Scottish scene over middle half, broadly, of eighteenth century, in their dynamic relations with that most extraordinary


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Cambridge University Press Phylogenetic Inference, Selection Theory, and

A.W.F. Edwards is one of the most influential mathematical geneticists in history of discipline. One of last students of R.A. Fisher, pioneered statistical analysis of phylogeny in collaboration with L.L. Cavalli Sforza


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Pen and Sword History A Right Royal Scandal

Almost two books in one, A Right Royal Scandal recounts the fascinating history of irregular love matches contracted by successive generations of Cavendish Bentinck family, ancestors of British Family. The first part of this


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SAGE Publications, Inc The Social History of Crime and Punishment in America

Several encyclopedias overview the contemporary system of criminal justice in America, but full understanding of current social problems strategies to deal with them can come only clear appreciation of historical underpin


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Oxford University Press Rest in Peace: A Cultural History of Death and

Though it has often been passionately criticized as fraudulent, exploitative, even pagan the American funeral home become nearly as inevitable as death itself, an institution firmly embedded in our culture. But how did


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Cambridge University Press The New History of Islam: Volume 4, Islamic

Robert Irwin's authoritative introduction to the fourth volume of The New Cambridge History of Islam offers a panoramic vision of Islamic culture from its origins to around 1800. introductory chapter, which highlights key developments and


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Springer Texts, Textual Acts and the History of Science

The book presents the outcomes of an innovative research programme in history of science and implements a Text Act Theory which extends Speech Theory, in order to illustrate a new approach to texts textual communicative acts. It examin


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Routledge Addressing Special Educational Needs and Disability in the Curriculum:

The SEND Code of Practice (2015) has reinforced the requirement that all teachers must meet needs of learners. This topical book provides practical, tried and tested strategies resources will support in


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Routledge The Social History of Health and Medicine in Colonial India

This book analyzes the diverse facets of social history of health and medicine in colonial India. It explores a unique set of themes that capture diversities of India, such as public health, medical institutions, mental illness pol


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Springer Selected Topics on Archaeology, History and Culture in the Malay

This book presents selected academic papers addressing five key research areas archaeology, history, language, culture and arts related to the Malay Civilisation. It outlines new findings, interpretations, policies, methodologies theories


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