Palgrave Macmillan The Sunna and Shi'a in History

Sunni Shi'i relations have undergone significant transformations in recent decades. In order to understand these developments, contributors to present volume demonstrate complexity of by analyzing political, ideol


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University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division Christ and

Because of illness and age the Jesuit theologian philosopher Bernard Lonergan never completed systematic study on Christology, doctrine concerning person of Christ, that he had planned to write. History, written


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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Russian and Soviet History

An original and thought provoking text, Russian Soviet History uses noteworthy themes important events from history to spark classroom discussion. Consisting of twenty essays written by experts in each area, book does


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University Press of Colorado Constructions of Time and History in the

Constructions of Time and History in the Pre Columbian Andes explores archaeological approaches to temporalities, social memory, constructions of history in pre Andes. The authors examine a range of indigenous e


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Routledge The Official History of North Sea Oil and Gas

Written by the leading expert in UK petroleum economics, this study provides a new, unique, in depth analysis of development of British policies towards North Sea oil and gas industry from early 1960s to 1980s. Drawin


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Springer Richard Ned Lebow: Essential Texts on Classics, History, Ethics,

This last one out of four volumes by Richard Ned Lebow in this book series focuses on various fields of social sciences and their connection to international politics. The author writes about topics in psychology, tragedy, ethics. All of these


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Librairie Droz Elders and the Plural Ministry: Role of Exegetical History

Ouvrage conçu selon le même principe que celui de Miss Mc Kee sur les Diacres. C'est une étude attentive et comparative de l'exégèse des principaux textes clefs utilisés Calvin pour étayer sa conception Anciens et de la pluralité minis


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William Collins Inheritance and Natural History (Collins New Naturalist

Ever wondered why primroses have three sorts of flowers; or about pesticide resistance in rats and mice, mosquitoes green fly; antibiotic in disease organisms all are examples of genetical adjustment, explained in this book. This


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Palgrave Macmillan Politics and the History Curriculum

The politicians and pastors who revised the Texas social studies standards made worldwide headlines. Politics History Curriculum sets debate over within a broad context of politics, religion, media, education, p


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ABC CLIO Gender Roles in American Life: A Documentary History of Political,

This two volume set examines how the evolution of gender roles in United States has changed family dynamics, business practices, and our concepts of womanhood as well as affected debates about equality, political military servi


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