WSPC An Introduction to the Culture and History of Teochews in Singapore

This book is one of the first few books written in English on Chaozhou culture and history. It compiles information from Chinese sources including archive material, newspapers, academic works publications. It presents a panorama vi


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Routledge Norbert Elias and the Analysis of History Sport

In times when the social sciences have become increasingly fragmented and more focused on 'the pieces of puzzle', puzzle, as a topic in its own right, has slowly been moved towards background. Nonetheless, as humanity becomes ever


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Librairie Droz Geneva and the Consolidation of French Protestant Movement,

Front matter: Table of Abbreviations; Introduction; Chapter I: The Geneva Company of Pastors: Internal Developments, 1564 1572; II: of Its Mission to France, 1563 III: Arguments over French R


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Berghahn Books Hannah Arendt and the Uses of History

Hannah Arendt (1906 1975) first argued that there were continuities between age of European imperialism and of fascism in in The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951). She claimed theories of race, notions of racial an


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Springer Kalevi Holsti: A Pioneer in International Relations Theory, Foreign

In honour of Prof. Kalevi Holsti's 80th birthday, this collection presents 15 of the renowned Political Scientist's major essays and research projects. It also offers a of writings on theories of international relations,


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Librairie Droz Elders and the Plural Ministry: Role of Exegetical History

Ouvrage conçu selon le même principe que celui de Miss Mc Kee sur les Diacres. C'est une étude attentive et comparative de l'exégèse des principaux textes clefs utilisés Calvin pour étayer sa conception Anciens et de la pluralité minis


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Aden anais Couverture en mousseline de coton Natural history (112 x cm)

Caractéristiques techniques : Composée de 4 épaisseurs de mousseline de coton prélavée. Tissu respirant et respectueux de la peau sensible des bébés. Garde sa douceur lavage après lavage. Sans composants azoïques. Emballage recyclable et conforme à l'initiative Green Dot.Conseils d'entretien : Lavage à froid en machine avec couleurs similaires. Séchage à basse température. Ne pas repasser ou nettoyer à sec.Age conseillé : Dès la


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Springer Richard Ned Lebow: Essential Texts on Classics, History, Ethics,

This last one out of four volumes by Richard Ned Lebow in this book series focuses on various fields of social sciences and their connection to international politics. The author writes about topics in psychology, tragedy, ethics. All of these


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Columbia Gender and the Politics of History

This landmark work from a renowned feminist historian is a foundational demonstration of the uses of gender as a conceptual tool for cultural historical analysis. Joan Wallach Scott offers a trenchant critique of compartmentalization of wo


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Smashwords Edition Superstorm Encyclopedia: Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms,

Earth's most powerful storms hurricanes and tornadoes are the subject of this massive 1700 page report with authoritative coverage of all aspects of these deadly superstorms: meteorology, forecasting, history, safety, preparedness, research, a


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